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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the sites be ready for posting?

The first two sites will be available in early January of 2020.  Additional sites will be added after that.

Will there be a charge to post the articles?

Yes, an editorial fee is charged to post your articles.

Will the links be dofollow? How many links per article?

Yes, the links will be dofollow.  You may have 2 links pointing back to your services.  Additionally, we would like to see 3 or more links to authority sites supporting claims.

Will you accept gambling, betting, casino or adult product offers?


What subject matters will the sites be covering?

Our first sites will be on the topics of:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Dogs/pets

Can I post the same article on multiple sites?

No, each website will only post unique content.  So you can post one article on one site.

How many words must be in each article?

Each site will have their own set of requirements for length of articles.  

What is typical turnaround time?

We post articles on the sites on Monday through Friday.  Usually posts are made in the 8am to 10am time range, that is New York time, East Coast USA.