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WellSelf com

Health, Fitness and Beauty

A 15+ year old website with a strong content base and wide diversity of articles in the health and wellness space.  Merged with, we expect this to be a great value as DA & DR authority pass through over the next few months.


Article Length

750 words minimum for each article, no more than 2 dofollow links to your sites or services.  Must be unique, we check each article with CopyScape.

Acceptable Topics

Human Health Articles

  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Conditions and Treatments
  • Nutrition

Turn around Time

One to two business days, typically, but can be affected by demand.  No more than 3 articles are published each day.

Unacceptable Topics

  • CBD, Cannabis, Medical Marijuana
  • Gambling, Casino, Online Betting
  • Attorney, Medical Injury
  • Adult Content
  • Online Pharmacy
  • Essay Writing
  • Payday loans

Domain Authority

Page Authority

Domain Age

Post Requirements


  • Topics for this site are:
    • Human health articles
    • Fitness
    • Wellness
    • Conditions & treatments
    • Nutrition
  • The content must be unique and high-quality. We reserve the right to reject poor quality content. No plagiarized or spun content is allowed.  All articles must pass our threshold from Copyscape to be published.
  • All content should be written by a native speaker of English.
  • We like a friendly tone, whilst still remaining professional. Feel free to use humor, and we encourage the use of contractions to make your copy flow better and make it sound less stilted.
  • The guest post must be minimum 750 words.
  • The content must be properly formatted for good readability. This means short paragraphs of no more than 5 lines, and no excessively long sentences please!
  • Please try and use the active voice rather than the passive voice whenever possible.
  • All facts must be backed up by authoritative sources. However, please don’t link out excessively. Keep it to a maximum of 4 external links per article (including 1-2 links to your own site).
  • You can include 1-2 links to your own site within the content. However, this link can’t be to any revenue-driven content. This means any content with affiliate links or sales pages.
  • We will provide all imagery. We have copyright requests constantly and using our own accounts for images simplifies the process for us.
  • The content must be proofread before being sent to us. Any grammatical errors in your content will lead to us rejecting it. Grammarly is a great tool for this!
  • We reserve the right to make final edits before and after publishing.
  • NOTE: We do not work with or link to sites in or related to the following niches: CBD, medical marijuana, adult, gambling/casino/betting, essay writing, pharma, payday loans, etc. Family-friendly only please!